Real Estate Only – No Administration [RC 2113.61(D)] – If there has been no estate administration, and none is contemplated, an Application for Certificate of Transfer (Form 12.0 – with all applicable boxes and no administration box checked) may be filed by an heir, devisee, or a successor in interest for the transfer of the decedent’s real estate interest.

The Court also requires proof of death of death; satisfactory evidence of the decedent’s ownership interest (attorney opinion of title or County Auditor’s duplicate reflecting ownership, and if more than one owner, then also the County Auditor’s background page); a completed Form 1.0 (Surviving Spouse, Children, Next of Kin, Legatees and Devisees); 2 copies of the proposed typed Certificate of Transfer (Form 12.1 – with required Map Room approval stamps for Delaware County real estate; also pre-approval recommended for out-of-county real estate); documentation to establish to whom the interest devolves (the will, if any must be filed and admitted when needed to establish the proposed transferee’s right to succeed to the property).

This procedure cannot be used until 6 months after the death of the decedent, unless the surviving spouse is entitled to 100% of the family allowance and the real estate interest valued is established at not more than $40,000.