News and Updates

New Probate Magistrate – Benjamin F. Suffron, III was sworn in on January 2, 2020 and he has begun his tenure as a Magistrate with the Probate Court of Delaware County, Ohio.  His biography appears on the General Information section of the website.

Foreign Languages for Probate Website  –  There is an option for translating the text appearing on the Probate Website into multiple foreign languages.   The selection is made in the white drop down menu box at the bottom right of most pages of the website.

Checklists – Filers may find helpful to review the checklist the Court has prepared for multiple types of cases that are commonly filed with the Court.  They can be accessed on the Local Rules/Local Forms web page.

Real Estate Only Transfers, No Administration – The Court has added a web page addressing the requirements for the transfer of the decedent’s real estate when there has been no administration and none is contemplated.  It appears as is a sub-page under the “Estates” web page.

Notification of Board of Elections – Executors, Administrators, parents, spouses, and children of a deceased elector should consider whether it is prudent to notify the Board of Elections of the deceased elector’s death with a certified copy of the death certificate. RC 3503.21(A)((3).  This is particularly relevant when the resident elector died outside Ohio.

E-Filing Adult Guardianships – The Court has added adult guardianships to the types of cases that may be commenced by e-filing.

Medical Records and Medical Billing Records – The Court has added local forms to the website for use in implementing new RC 2113.032 for obtaining authorization to access a decedent’s medical records and medical billing records in order to evaluate whether or not to file a wrongful death, personal injury or survivorship action relating to a decedent.  They are found on the “Medical Records and Medical Billing Records” page found under the “Forms and Services by Case Type” tab, drop down menu.

Why Partial Account Filed – Estates – The Court has added a PDF fillable “Why Partial Account Filed” form to the Local Rules/Forms web page and to the Estates-Full Administration web page.  It is required when both (A) the estate fiduciary is filing a partial account, rather than final account, and (B) the account is not also accompanied by an Application to Extend Administration explaining why a final account has not been filed.

Subpoena – The Court has added a PDF fillable subpoena form on the Local Rules/Forms web page.  Four completed copies must be provided to the Court at the time issuance is requested.