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There are individuals, whose addresses or identities are unknown, who are the beneficiaries of an estate or otherwise are owners of funds that have been handled by proceedings undertaken in the Probate Court.

The fiduciary in the case deposited the distributive share or asset with the Treasurer of Delaware County, Ohio.  The County Treasurer is holds those funds as part of the County’s General Fund.  The County Auditor maintains a list of the owners.  The unknown heir/owner entitled to the funds, or that individual’s heirs, if the individual is deceased, may apply to the Delaware County Probate Court for an order directing Delaware County to pay the unclaimed inheritance/account.  These funds are not part of the unclaimed funds maintained by the Ohio Department of Commerce, Unclaimed Funds Division.

An Applicant for a specific fund will be required to provide government-issued photo identification and such other supporting evidence of entitlement as the Court determines necessary.  The Application for Unclaimed Inheritance form must be completed and filed with the Court to initiate the claim process.  The cost deposit is $30.00 for funds of $100.00 or more.  For claims of amounts less than $100.00, the Court waives the deposit.

The County does not pay interest on the unclaimed funds.

This is a current list of cases for which the Delaware County Treasurer is holding funds for estate beneficiaries, trust beneficiaries and for former  guardianship wards:

Est. of Anna Wagner
Case #00007320-PES – heir Raymond Jackson – Amount $440.56

Est. of Francis McMillien
unknown heirs – Amount $1,093.46

Est. of Grover C. Sperling
unknown heirs – Amount $1,506.30

Est. of Dorothy Erick
unknown heirs – Amount $67.76

Est of Lloyd Crafton
Case #5-88-225-R – unknown heirs – Amount $405.63

Est. of Edward K. Snedeker
Case #79-383 – heir Jerry Lewis ($688.68); heir Elizabeth Ann Lewis ($688.68)

Est. of Margaret Ryan
Case #00091243-PES – heir Catherine Duffy – Amount $1,184.24

Est. of Lilah McCarty
Case #2-95-65-E – heir Relna L. Main ($9.65); heir Cheryl Page ($9.65)

Est. of Mary F. Price
Case #26023 – heir Tom Thompson ($1,142.44); heir Thomas Price Brundige ($1,142.44)

Est. of Bessie M. Pettit
Case #970568-E – heir Darel Pettit – Amount $500.00

Est. of John Unland
Case #98-08-07375-E – unknown heirs – Amount $481.77

Est. of Joan Wescott
Case #207642-E – heir Brenda Wescott – Amount $75.79

Est. of Sherry Lou Cain
Case #208258-E – unknown heirs – Amount $5,894.73

Est. of Allen E. Wilson
Case #210559-R – heir Angela Wilson – Amount $4,991.17

Est. of Lawrence F. Cain
Case # 1304-0393-PES – heir Jacob Cain – Amount $69.70

Est. of Ersell H. Mount
Case #1305-0658-PES – unknown heirs – Amount $2,000.00

Est. of Ernest Albert Lane
Case #2005-0474-PES – unknown heirs – Amount $22,726.46

Heirs of Joyce. W. Goings
unknown heirs – Amount $58,189

Guardianship and Trust for Raymond Guiducci
Case #00209704-G and Case # 1503-0244-PTR – Ward/beneficiary’s address unknown – Amount $20,828.62

Guardianship of Harold B. Warren (deceased – no estate)
Case #15020191 – Amount $10,041.38